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Mediation Agreements for Smooth Transitions

Visiting a family lawyer for mediation can be a great idea to quickly solve disagreements or potential issues. Mediation is an organized, formulated way to ensure all parties involved have their needs met ahead of a date in the court room.

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If spouses who decide to divorce feel that they can amicably communicate and compromise to make decisions, mediation may be a suitable alternative to traditional divorce. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as divorce mediation and collaborative divorce are becoming more popular, in part because of the many benefits that can result, such as:

  • Reduced legal fees

  • Potential to be less stressful

  • Fewer modifications

  • A Court appearance is usually not required until finalized

  • Usually Faster than traditional judicial method

  • Children’s best interests are emphasized

The Pros of Mediation

Divorce Mediation encourages spouses seeking divorce to amicably communicate with one another in order to mutually agree on the terms of important family issues, including child custody, child support, visitation, spousal support and property division. This option may not be the right choice for all couples, especially in the case of a contested divorce.


During the process, a mediator acts as a neutral third party to help you resolve your legal issues. Being impartial, a mediator will not advise or advocate for either side, but instead facilitates a discussion that gets to the heart of both parties’ concerns and helps them find workable solutions. The mediation process is voluntary and client driven and can produce creative, individualized solutions that can better meet the needs of the family than a court-ordered solution.


For the most favorable result, it is advised that couples seeking divorce mediation retain the counsel and guidance of an experienced divorce mediator. If this is the avenue the two of you intent to pursue, both of

you must jointly contact Ms. LaSala.

Who are the best candidates for Divorce Mediation?